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Summer, 2017

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A village filled with mystery. The arrival of a saint. Resignation and delight. A merging of the living and the dead. Mayonaka Garan (Midnight Cathedral) is a VR Visual Novel and 3D Visual Novel. The world and story by CAVYHOUSE will immerse you in 360 degree environment. The story starts in Daiusu-mura, a village where refugee Christians have been residing since olden days. Protagonist Hamomoru Tachibana has been invited by the villagers to visits this place. A long-desired hallowed cathedral has just been built and villagers are in a festive mood. However, the village has a tragic history of persecution. They have shaped their own religion as a result of having kept hidden from the public. They seem to honor a foreign saint rather than God. When the saint appears, the border between the living and the dead will blur. A peaceful world will lose its balance.


  • The novel art style. The Japanese-flavored character design and minimalist, non-photorealistic scenes are perfectly harmonized. The most significant thing is the texture expression sticky to the s field of view, which brings the illusion of blending 2D and 3D worlds.
  • Exploitation of a new genre, called VR Visual Novel (VR-VN), by merging this unique art style with VR technology. Visual Novel (VN) is a game genre with primary roots in Japan. You can enjoy the story at your own pace as you would read a novel, with visually-expressed characters interactions. However, by applying virtual reality to a VN, it provides a never-before-seen experience. re aiming to realize the sensation of observing a s drama from inside the stage. This is endorsed by Japanese web magazine INSIDE Games, quoted as This feeling is very close to the one I get when reading a novel. This is truly VN; in other words, the novelistic world is deployed into a VR space"
  • Dark suspense story steeped in folklore. The protagonist sees how the saint worshiped by a small superstitious village drives them mad. Although she will make an effort to bring the village back to sanity, the protagonist notices that the living and the dead coexist, and despairs of this. The story you follow sees the dead people which are at first unseen, bringing deep synchronicity with the VR experience.
  • Simultaneously developed a 3D visual novel version that does not require VR devices, and which takes advantage of camerawork unavailable in VR games. Depending on the player's environment, either version may be selected.


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Awards & Recognition

  • "INDIE STREAM Special Recognition Award." Makuhari, 17 September, 2016

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You can download demo version here cavyhouse.net.


A Doujin/Indie game developing team in Kyoto. We released two products on Steam, a celestial growth simulation game "This Starry Midnight We Make", and an organ-clicking game "Forget Me Not: My Organic Garden". In the past, CAVYHOUSE has made story-driven games such as VN + Simulation and VN + Clicker, and now the development of a VN + VR game is a new challenge for us.

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Director, Programmer, Visual Artist, Composer


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